From The Cherryland Humane Society

On behalf of The Cherryland Humane Society, I want to thank John Kessel and his crew for their hard work and dedication. You have been a tremendous asset to CHS.

From purchasing a much needed washer and dryer, doing grounds keeping, purchasing supplies, to completely replacing our leaky roof on our pole barn, we just wanted to make sure you know how much you are valued and appreciated. Not only was your crew professional and polite, their expertise and attention to detail was noticed by all!

Your generosity is truly appreciated.


Warmest regards,


Heidi Yates

Executive Director

Letter to the Concrete Service in Traverse City, MI

Hope all is well. I recall that last Summer you referred me to a couple of providers of crawl space encapsulation services. I thank you. To return the favor, I want to give you a heads up on on a locally based business that I was also referred to and which provides an exceptional work product.

I asked both  Foundation Systems of Michigan from Livonia and Ayers Basement Systems out of Grand Rapids to give me proposals.  Both appear to be knowledgable and well recognized in the industry based upon their internet presence and representations of the sales people that called on me. I was also referred by a friend to John Kessel of Traverse City (tel. 231-392-4085 | tcmoldman.com). John is an acknowledged industry expert in the area of mold inspection and remediation, with the credentials and certifications to validate that expertise. He also has a service division devoted to crawl space decontamination and encapsulation. John provided a detailed, professional proposal to me. Pricing was not an issue and I hired John's firm, aka, THE MOLD MAN, mainly because of the much more comprehensive and customized solution which he proposed to fix the problems that we were confronting.
To make a long story short, I definitely made the right decision would recommend THE MOLD MAN and his crew to anyone in need of these specialized services. They are knowledgeable, responsive problem solvers, with the highest of integrity and professionalism.  I'll admit to being a high maintenance customer and these guys truly exceeded my expectations.

Please keep THE MOLD MAN in mind when The Concrete Service gets a call to recommend someone for services in this area. Your customers will thank you.

George E. Weber

George E. Weber

Grand Traverse Resort

We had water damage at our condo. John fully explained the cause and how to repair it. Most important, he explained why it would not happen again, once repaired. We hired him to clean and repair the condo, then install a fresh air exchange unit in the crawl space area to help with proper airflow.

We were so satisfied with the workmanship, honesty, and digital communications during the process, we contracted him for complete refurbishment of the condo, and were equally happy with the outcome. I would recommend John and his crew to anyone.

Respiratory Problems

We did not know our respiratory problems were related to a slow leak in our utility room that had been sealed off for years. We couldn't believe the mess and destruction the water had caused."

Our first call was to our insurance company. Our next call was to John. The drywall and cabinets were saturated and covered with mold. The entire room had to be gutted, dried out and restored. Custom Interiors did a great job; they worked with our insurance company and got it done on time and on budget.