John C. Kessel, Owner

John C. Kessel

has experience in home restoration, remodeling and home building since 1979. John grew up learning the trade from his father’s company. John is a licensed builder, in the state of Michigan. His building knowledge gives him the expertise in how buildings are structured, vented and how possible moisture intrusions can affect mold growth.

TC Mold Man,

a division of Custom Interiors, was built on the strengths of John’s experience. As a reputable contractor serving northern Michigan, John has been heavily involved in every aspect of mold inspections and remediation as well as the re-construction phase.

John has reviewed

and is well versed in the following mold inspection and remediation guidelines:

  1. New York City Guidelines
  2. IICRC – S520 (Attending National Meeting on the IICRC – S520)
  3. Texas State Legislation
  4. EPA I-BEAM Software
  5. California State San Marcos Mold Inspection and Remediation Curriculum
  6. National Association of Mold Professionals

As of September of 2004, John C. Kessel was appointed to the Environmental Education Foundation’s Advisory Group on Indoor Air Quality. Convened under a sole source contract by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Certified in mold inspection,

sampling and remediation through the National Association of Mold Professionals.


Past co-founder of Leviticus Corporation.

The nation’s first mold remediation and inspection software


Assisted with

the deployment and training of Leviticus Software to NAMP Headquarters and throughout associated business and franchises.


Helped to design

and facilitate custom laboratory analytical test result software for Integrated Microbial Services Laboratory in Detroit Michigan.


Exhibitor of Leviticus software

at the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) Expo demonstrating Leviticus software and attending all educational meetings on October 1st thru 4th of 2003 in Chicago Illinois.


Attended IQAir North America

course covering air pollution basics, air cleaning basics and air cleaning comparison workshop in Los Angeles on October 24th & 25th of 2003


Exhibitor of Leviticus software

at the American Conference of Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) Expo demonstrating Leviticus software and attending all educational meetings on November of 2003 in Orlando Florida.


Invited to review

give input and instruct on the California State University’s 40 Hour Mold Inspection and Remediation course in San Marcos California.


John has met

with and spoken to dozens of microbiologists throughout the country on sampling methods from Aerobiology Laboratory, IMS Laboratory, AeroTech Laboratory, North Eastern Laboratory, EmLabs Laboratory just to name a few.