The Mold Man Crawl Space System


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90% of all crawl spaces have a moisture problem, which leads to mold growth. The Mold Man Crawl Space System (MMCS) addresses all the issues with crawl space problems.


Certified in mold remediation for the past 13 years and in the building trades since 1979, we have created a crawl space system that encompasses any moisture and mold issues and keep them from returning.

Conditioning your crawl space

Conditioning the crawl space is the practice of pulling the conditioned air from the main area of the home down through the crawl area.  The process begins with a full and complete evaluation of your crawl space.  The basic concept is to make your crawl area moisture and mold free.  The many things that the process includes:

  • Killing all mold on the structure.
  • Sealing all structure with a microbial sealant.
  • Installing a crock and pump system to keep water tables from reaching the surface.
  • Covering all existing block foundation vents.
  • Installing rigid foam insulation to block or concrete side walls.
  • Insulating all water supply lines, pressure tanks and any other Items that can condensate and lead to moisture problems.
  • Install a minimum of 12 mil vapor barrier to floor and side walls.


  • Install a fresh air exchange unit to create conditioned air into the crawl area. We customize each and every ventilation system to meet proper air flow.
  • Install dehumidification system if needed along with proper air flow.
  • Full structural repair service. Staffed licensed builders to complete all structural repairs caused by dryrot.
  • Give a 10 year guarantee with free follow up inspection annually to ensure all work completed is in good working condition, and free from mold growth.


Go From This…

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In the early 1950s crawl space foundation vents were introduced to eliminate humidity in crawlspaces.

Over time contractors and inspectors realized the vents that were installed to remove humidity in fact helped to increase the humidity level in most crawlspaces. They allow hot humid air in the summer months to enter the cool environment of a crawlspace. The humid air would condense and create higher humidity levels under your home.

This would eventually lead to mold and fungus growth. Now building codes are changing to allow builders to construct conditioned crawlspaces without crawl space foundation vents. A proper vapor barrier needs to be installed to prevent moisture from evaporating from the soil into the home.

After the clean space has been created the air in the crawlspace can be conditioned by one of several different ways depending on the crawlspaces individual situation. All components need to be in place or the desired results will not be achieved. THE MOLD MAN has proven methods to correct problems and to properly condition crawlspaces.