The Mold Man, Traverse City: Mold remediation and clean up, save your health


The SCARY Crawl Space

Depending on where you live, critters from snakes and rodents to spiders, bugs, and armadillos may have taken up residence in your crawl space. Add a little water—or even a lot when flooding occurs—and mold and rot create indoor air quality (IAQ) problems and...

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Crawl Space Moisture Control

Its extremely important to control crawl space moisture.  If left uncontrolled the moisture will attract wood boring insects (like termites), and create ideal conditions for fungus, molds, and mildews to grow. The crawl space moisture will make fiberglass insulation...

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Smell Something?

The musty or earthy smell that comes from the crawl space is from one of two general sources; bacteria or fungus. Both emit the same odor when breaking down or eating organic material like the structure of your home, debris in the crawl space and underground roots....

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